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Are You a Change Agent?

Similarities are few; change is abundant

➔ Mostly likely one of the first things you’ve heard about today’s job search is that it has changed immensely from what you remember 40, 30 and even 20 years ago. Then again, if there is one constant in life – it’s change.

Certainly job seeking has changed. Electronic transmittal of documents including resumes, online job applications – which are fed directly into an ATS, an automated tracking system. Now you can factor AI into every step of the process. It’s very possible that you may be rejected for a job without ever having a set of human eyes look at your resume or application. A better question might be: how is the job seeking process not changed?

Then there still are interviews. But now, there’s even more. Electronic interviews. Phone interviews. Video interviews – including long distance video interviews.

Change is all around us

And, of course, one of the most significant changes in the job search world is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has changed the ways that recruiters find candidates; the ways that applicants search for jobs; the ways that job seekers do research on companies; the ways that job seekers learn if they know someone at a target company. This list goes on and on.

Even LinkedIn is changing. Changes in keyword insertion into your headline and profile. Changes in what is preferred in your overall profile. Changes to LinkedIn Groups. Etc. Etc. One LinkedIn instructor told us that more LinkedIn changes are in the offing. You know its bad when the instructors struggle to keep up.

But change we must. LinkedIn is changing. The job search process is changing. Perhaps you were let go from your past employer because their business was undergoing gut-wrenching change.

Can you keep up? Can you adjust? You had better.

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