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Everyone likes something free – especially when money is tight. The Nifty50s has heard you and has compiled several lists of items to aid you in your job search. These tools are either completely free or they are free but have a paid component. While these lists are not exhaustive, they should provide you with a lot of opportunities and options.

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Jobs Boards

These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Go to Jobs Boards

Resume Services

There are literally hundreds of online resume services. We've assembled a list of free resume services including templates – some of which are available in Mircosoft Word and Google Docs.     Go to Resume Services

Free Software

If your software is out of date and you don’t want to spend limited resources on a new version, there are free alternatives to a great many software packages including Microsoft Office as well as anti-virus and internet security, password managers, media players, photo editors and we just scratch the surface. Most of this software is free although some do have paid versions.     Go to Free Software

Software Extensions

Your software most probably can do amazing things. But wait! There’s more. There are numerous applications available through the Chrome or Microsoft stores or directly from the publishers that will make you more productive and more efficient. They also can save you money and enable you to accomplish so much more. These apps are free although some do have paid versions.     Go to Software Extensions

Career Assessments

If you are contemplating a career switch but don't know where to turn, or if you're simply struggling with your job search, you may benefit from taking a professional career assessment. We've found several that can help.    Go to Career Assessments

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