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You Talk Too Much. Or Do You?

Interviews are your time to shine,

if you cast the light in the right direction

➔ You’ve probably heard it said that, in most cases, you really don’t have an opportunity to “sell” yourself until you’re in the job interview. That’s where you can forcefully state your case as to why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Speak up!

While you’re doing all this talking, are you saying all the right things? We sought input from a variety of sources and were able to develop this quick checklist.

1. Are you talking about your job? Ask yourself what the interviewer really cares most about – your past job or how well you did it?

2. Are you talking about your job responsibilities or the results and accomplishments you produced during your previous job? What do you think the interviewer wants to know most?

3. Are backing up your claims with hard data? Facts, numbers and percentages can go a long way to portraying your performance and telling your story.

4. Current trends in political correctness aside, have you chosen your pronouns carefully? Are you using “I” or “we”? We’re guessing that the interviewer is more concerned about what you did as opposed how well the team of which you were a part performed.

5. Are you thinking only about yourself during the interview? Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Employers are selfish. They’re not concerned about you, they want to know what value you’re going to bring to their companies.

6. Have you adequately stated your value proposition? Employers want to add value with every hire. Have you convinced them that you can be of value to the organization? Are you the aspirin for their headache?

It’s not just talking during the interview. Are you saying the right things? Are you saying what the interviewer wants to hear? Are you saying the things that will make that interviewer want to hire you?

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