Books to Help the 50+ Job Seeker

Need to jumpstart your job search?  Want an extra edge on the competition?  

Our authors have done their homework and have job search skills at the ready

– especially if you're a 50+ job seeker.

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Land the Perfect Job In an Imperfect Market:

Strategies to help break through the job search clutter

by Joe Ortenzi

by Tom Rath 

Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves 

by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

by Jenny Blake

A Survivor's Guide to Long-term Unemployment After 50


Barbara Fretz and Marianne Paul

How to Find Work Which Values Your Experience


Linda R. Greenbury

Make the Most of Your Maturity And Experience to Find the Right Job


Jackie Sherman

by Sarah Vickerstaff and Philip J. White

Finding Work that Matters in the Second Half of Life


Marc Freedman

Career Strategies for Success


Karen Kerkstra Harty

Finding Your Passion and Your Dream Job in Your Forties, Fifties and Beyond

Kerry Hannon

Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy ... And Pays the Bills 


Kerry Hannon 

Creating the Life You Really Want, Building the Career You Truly Desire


Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine

50+ ways to profit from your passions during semi-retirement


Nancy Collamer

How to make a living a living and a difference in the second half of life 


Marci Alboher

Uncover Your Calling


Richard J. Leider

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by Uco Jillert Wiersma

by Alan Weiss, Ph.D.

by Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew

by Tasha Eurich

by Barry Schwartz

Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future 


Dorie Clark

​One Woman's Story of Barely Scraping By

By Elizabeth White

by Bill McConnell

by Jo Ann Jenkins

Still Working -- and Loving It


Cathy Fyock