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Breaking Good

Getting through the clutter is your first challenge

➔ One of the keys to landing your next job is your ability to stand out from the crowd; to break through the clutter. On average, it's common for a job opening to attract anywhere from 100 to 250 applications.

So. What can you do to make that prospective employer notice and remember you? That’s sounds simple enough. But how do you stand out in the crowd when you’re only one of more than 100 candidates?

A few basics can help

First, tailor your resume and/or cover letter to the opening (or company) at hand. If they’re looking for middle management, make certain that they know you’re interested in middle management… or whatever the case may be. Also, it’s extremely important to be timely, punctual and to follow up. Our generation is known for that.

To really stand out from the crowd, however, do your homework… and make certain that anyone who might have the opportunity to review your submission (be it resume, cover letter, or online application) knows that. Reference the company and what it does. “With XYZ Company’s long history in (product/industry/etc…)” Or, reference some recent news about the company. “Now that XYZ has introduced its new widget…”

Think about it. You can’t expect them to be interested in you, if you can’t demonstrate that you’re interested in them. It is a two-way street. Do your homework and make it show.

If you’re not willing to invest the time, trouble and effort to make your application (and the application process) the best that it can be, maybe you really don’t want this job… If that’s the case, why are you wasting your time? (And theirs.)

But if you do want it, do whatever it takes to land it… and then some.


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