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What Do You Know?

Answering a few basic questions can accelerate your search

No doubt that looking for a job in 2020 is turning out to be a unique experience – regardless of your age. Unfortunately there are some statistics out there that claim that being over 50 and looking for a job is that much more difficult.

Fortunately, “more difficult” does not equal “impossible.”

Let’s start with knowing where to look. Whether you’re using LinkedIn, Indeed or a library directory such as Reference USA, correctly assessing the circumstances of the job market and your place in it can make all the difference.

The 600-pound gorilla in today’s job market is the impact of the Covid pandemic and resulting economic lockdown. What kinds of companies would be strong targets under such circumstances? Maybe companies who have pressing work that can be outsourced to remote workers. Just as you are looking for companies with novel approaches to meeting their needs, so too are companies looking for candidates with novel approaches to doing the work.

Who else might be hiring? How about new industries or new companies where growth seems impervious to virus-related slowdowns? Companies that are growing so fast that they have needs that must be addressed today.

On the other side of that coin, where might you be wasting your time? Large, old-line companies that have just laid off hundreds or thousands of workers probably are not in search of new hires. Likewise, non-profit organizations that depend on private donations (as opposed to government grants) are suffering. Unable to host fund-raising events due to the shutdown, many such organizations are struggling financially.

You also could look inward. Where do you see yourself as being most competitive? What skills do you possess that may be in the greatest demand? Pairing your skills with companies that value those skills will make your job search more targeted, more refined.

In times as unprecedented as these, taking novel approaches and looking under different rocks should put you in the strongest position possible.


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