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What Do You Bring to the Table?

Merely reciting your work history won’t cut it anymore

➔ Ask anyone what advantages that mature job seekers have in the workplace and they’ll say it’s their experience. Let’s face it, you could not have gotten to where you are without experience.

Like everything else in today’s job market however, merely having job experience isn’t enough. Whether it’s in your resume or in an interview, merely re-telling your work history just won’t cut it. Today, there has to be more – a lot more. Employers are demanding it.

The good news is

Fortunately, the more that everyone seems to be looking for is probably in your work history. You may have to dig a little, or peel back the onion, but it’s there.

Over and above where you’ve worked, today’s job seeker must make that experience relevant to the job opening in question. Just showing up at your last job isn’t enough. What problems did you solve? What solutions to your past employer’s problem(s) did you implement? How can you leverage your experience into something that will convince your new employer that you can solve their pain?

In short, what was your value proposition? What are you bringing to the table besides just showing up? Don’t just tell your interviewer that you had a job, what did you do with it? How was the organization better because of something you did? How will you make this company better because of what you can do? And, oh, by the way, here is some of my experience to prove it.

It’s those solutions that will make you sufficiently memorable to make this prospective employer bring you back – permanently we hope.

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