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As if things weren’t bad enough for older job seekers

Talking about how different the job search is for older job seekers in this day and age may sound like beating a dead horse, but one needs to peel back a few layers of the onion to absorb the full aroma of the impact of Covid.

In past economic downturns – even if it’s a downturn of one, that is, you’ve lost your job – many unemployed would seek other venues to add a little income to keep the wolf away from the door.

One popular target of the unemployed seeking some refuge was to seek out opportunities in the hospitality industry. Bars and restaurants always seem to need people and always seem to be hiring. Waiters, waitresses, bartenders – jobs with relatively low barriers to entry that would be perfect for the job seeker until something more appropriate came along.

That was then. Today’s Covid economy has hit the hospitality industry particularly hard. Some industry experts are projecting that, nationwide, as many as 80 percent of independent restaurants that have closed due to the pandemic, may never re-open.

Bad enough for the people who were working there to begin with, but bad also for the unemployed looking to plug some holes.

The good news – yes, there is good news – is that if you are one of the lucky ones who have been able to land some virtual work – even project-based assignments – you have much more than just a paycheck. You have some work experience – whether it’s in your chosen field or not – and that virtual experience still counts as experience. It’s experience that you can claim on your resume and it’s experience that you may be able to leverage into your next position.


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