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‘Tis the Season

Looking for a way to beat the heat?

➔ We realize that most of you are seeking full-time, year-round positions. We also realize that, at least for some, that search can last a lot longer than anyone would like.

The advent of the Memorial Day weekend – the traditional start to the summer season – raises some interesting possibilities. To help you endure, stay active and even pocket some income, there is the possibility of seasonal work.

There’s a “summer place

OK. You probably haven’t had a “summer job” since you were in school, but the truth is that there are many opportunities for older workers in seasonal employment. According to Nancy Collamer at, “Contrary to popular opinion, employers really do like to hire older workers for seasonal jobs.”

You can start at some of the traditional summer hot spots, tourist locations – even some cruise lines – very much favor the older worker. Other typical summer possibilities include garden centers and the golf business – in the pro shop, as a starter, or at a driving range.

But don’t limit yourself to vacation spots and recreation areas, many employers use this opportunity to staff up for data input and transcribers as well as retail jobs and customer service. Even new-age businesses such as Uber and Lyft offer possibilities.

If you’re serious about finding seasonal work, maintains listings of summer and seasonal jobs for your perusal.

Your time might be now.

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