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This Time It's Personal

Every job is different; every applicant is different

Some recruiters will take a resume and blast it out to dozens, if not hundreds of companies hoping to find a match. That’s not very efficient.

The same holds true for the job seeker. If you just blast your resume out to anyone and everyone, your chances of success are going to be limited.

You’ve probably heard the old adage that they’re not hiring your resume, they’re hiring YOU – you the individual; you, the one with a particular set of skills; you, with a desirable kind of job or industry experience; you, the person who will be a good fit with the company and the other staff members. You and only you.

Just as they see you as an individual, so too, must you see them. Every job is different, each with its own particular set of needs. If you hope to land that job, you must be ready to craft your resume, your cover letter and/or your interview talking points to that specific job. If they’re seeking specific industry experience, can you overcome that objection with your transferable skills? Maybe your skills will transfer more readily to one job as opposed to another? You need to know that and prepare yourself accordingly.

Of course, all of this holds true for individual jobs. But you also can take it a step further. How you search for a job may differ from how your neighbor or a relative might be looking. Job search strategies and techniques may be effective for one, but not for another.

A job search is an individual endeavor. Since it’s personal, it should be personalized. Whatever you do and however you go about doing it, should be determined by who you are, where you’re looking and for what they, the potential employers are looking.


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