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The Time is Now… Or is it?

Timing is one thing that’s probably beyond your control

When is the ideal time for you to find a job? Would yesterday be soon enough?

That’s obviously unrealistic, but like it or not, in virtually all cases you can’t control an employer’s timing. They will hire someone when they're good and ready.

And typically when an applicant tries to force the issue, it doesn’t end well. For the applicant. (“Hire me today, or I’m walkin’.” Not a good idea.)

All of which raises a thorny issue. As an older job seeker you may feel pressured to take the first thing that comes along – especially if you’ve been searching for a while. Should you take the job that’s ready and available today about which you’re not excited? Or, should you wait for the job you really want?

You may be faced with the choice between walking away from a job that you know would be your ideal choice that may not be filled for a couple of months or more so as to take something that’s being offered today. This is a situation for which there is no easy answer. So, what’s a body to do?

It should probably come as no surprise that honesty is always the best policy. Be totally transparent with the employer. “Circumstances dictate that I need to take something right away, but I’m still really interested in this position and your company.”

That may not be enough to spur them into action, but it will demonstrate your interest in them and it will give you a reason to stay on their radar screen as well as giving you a reason to maintain contact with them.

It’s all about timing.


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