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The Road Less Traveled

One never knows where a job search will lead

➔ Oh, if it were only so simple. You’re looking for a job. You create your resume. You submit said resume. Someone reviews it and calls you for an interview. You interview and are offered a job. End of story.

If it only were that simple. Of course, it’s never been that simple. Not 30 years ago. Not 50 years ago. Not 100 years ago. Never.

Then again, there is the 21st Century job search which is anything but simple and straightforward. Today’s job search has more twists and turns than the most treacherous mountain road.

There is no logic; there is no linear in a job search.

Expectations are very important – in life, in business and most certainly in a job search. But how can you prepare for and deal with the disrupted expectations of the modern job search. LinkedIn, ATS, video interviews, remote work – nothing is familiar; nothing is straightforward.

As you slog, stumble and traipse through your job search, resilience may be your best friend. Return all calls; make every meeting; follow up with every contact. You never know what event may result in the ultimate lead, interview and job. You never know and you can’t take the chance on letting any opportunity slide by without reaction.

There are no straight lines in a job search. Following the path of the job seeker, is less like a journey and more like a game of pinball – bouncing from one side to another, rolling down near oblivion only to have a flipper send you flying back to the top of the game. And back again.

This is a job search. If you’re looking for logic, try the Psychology Department.


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