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Evidence to the contrary, they still think were all thumbs technologically

Amazingly, as 2020 draws to a much anticipated close, employers are still looking down their technological noses at older applicants assuming that we don’t even know how to turn on an electronic device.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Aside from a few (and we do mean a few) holdouts, older job seekers can hold their own against most any applicant from any generation when it comes getting the job done in front of a computer (Desktop, laptop, or tablet – it doesn’t matter.)

When you’re faced with that kind of condescension in an interview, don’t hesitate to challenge that premise. Change to focus from “Can you handle this technology?” to how you can and would solve whatever the problem at hand is.

When you go into that interview, be prepared to dazzle them with your knowledge of technology, of their industry, of trends and the latest innovations. Go out of your way to demonstrate your keen awareness of all those things and how – with your years of experience and business savvy – you can tackle an assignment or problem they may throw in your path.

A word to the wise: technology is changing all the time and it’s incumbent on you to keep pace. It’s not easy. It’s not fun. But it is the world in which we live and the more you’re able to keep abreast of those innovations, the likely it is that you will shorten the length of your job search.


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