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Small Can be Beautiful

Small companies can fly under the radar

➔ It’s an easy trap to fall into. You’ve worked for a large corporation for 20 years and now you’re in the job market looking for something new. It may be natural to begin looking for another large company to ply your trade.

But wait! There’s more.

Don’t limit yourself

The knee-jerk reaction may be to start looking at the behemoths on the block. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is when you restrict yourself to only those companies and fail to recognize all the other possibilities available to you.

For one thing, there are non-profit organizations. These days, non-profits are hungry for people with large corporate experience, large corporate diligence and disclipline. You may have to sacrifice some in salary, but there are opportunities out there in the non-profit world. They’ll love you. They’ll respect you. They will probably give you more responsibility and authority than you had before as well.

The hidden gems, however, may reside at smaller companies. You may be able to find a company in the same or a related industry where you were before where they will welcome your experience with open arms.

And, because they’re smaller companies, there will likely be a lot less competition for any openings that are available. Not to mention the selection process will probably be a lot shorter, a lot less complicated and much more direct. Your first interview may be with the president of the company. And there may be only the one interview. Lastly, the turnaround time on their decision making may be significantly shorter than with any large corporation.

There are other advantages as well. They may be more open to negotiating your compensation and including other “non-salary” remunerations.

Size matters. While there are many advantages to working for a large corporation, there are just as many pluses to working with a smaller employer.


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