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Take it again, from the top

➔ No doubt you’ve heard the experts expound on how you have to do research on any company with whom you have an interview. And good advice it is.

But wait! There’s more. Before you even schedule an interview, you need to begin preparing.

Two can play this game

Think about it. In a job interview, there are two people – one on each side of the desk. If you’re good and you do your homework, you should know most everything that there is to know about the other side of the desk.

But what about your side? Sure you know your vitals about past employers, education, etc. That’s the easy part.

But are you prepared to talk about you? Have you committed to memory all your “stories” – those cases where you’ve excelled? If there are statistics involved (i.e. increased sales, improved on-time deliveries, enhanced profitability, etc.), can you cite them without rounding off or estimating?

In essence, can you back up your resume with stories as to how you did it? You may need to look some things up. You may need to research some figures. You need to be prepared to tell those stories about how you did it as well as what the results were. Those details need to be rehearsed to the point where they sound natural and conversational.

Whatever you need to do, do it and you’ll come across as someone who is 100 percent on top of their game. If you know your side of the desk, you’ll impress the person on the other side.


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