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Ready to Zoom?

Learn it today, use it tomorrow

Among the new developments spawned by the Covid pandemic, the video interview has to rank at or near the top of that list. While many corporate meetings are being held via Zoom and other video conferencing software, hiring managers have taken to the technology in a big way. In fact, according to Cielo’s 2020 Future of Work Survey,(82 percent of hiring managers said they’ll continue interviewing candidates by video after the crisis.

If you’re in the middle of a job search, no doubt – if you haven’t already done so – you will experience virtual job interviews conducted online. As such, to remain competitive, older job seekers – as well as those of all ages – have been forced to learn, master and adapt to the technology.

This technology is not new but it has been pushed to the forefront due to the pandemic. Zoom appears to be the short-term winner although Google Meet and Microsoft Team have seen their usage explode as well. There also are others out there including Webex, Jitsi, Go to Meeting and others.

As a frugal job seeker it’s good to know that most of these services offer a free version and the benefits offered in the paid versions probably are not essential for a job seeker. Ergo, no cash outlay for the job seeker.

And, for the older job seeker, now is the optimal time to master this soon-to-be-ubiquitous technology. The good news is that, despite their differences, most of the services share many similarities. If you can handle any one of those mentioned above, you should feel confident across the board.

An additional benefit for the mature job seeker is learning any one of these services demonstrates your ability to learn not just something new, but also something technology based – alleviating at least two concerns hiring managers have about older workers.

With the popularity of virtual meetings becoming pervasive, this is also now a new skill that you have mastered that you can take with you to your new job.


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