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Even at 50+ you have options in your job search

Devastating. Waking up one morning and finding yourself out of work when you’re over the age of 50 is nothing short of devastating.

There is a flood of emotions that you feeling that is nothing less than overwhelming. Fear. Anxiety. Insecurity. Bewilderment. Self-pity. Hate. (Yes, some even feel hate for their former employers.) Those emotions come at you like you’re being pelted by a band of ruffians. And just like that gang attack – it hurts.

So much for the bad news.

After that initial tidal wave passes and you have a chance to look around, assess your situation and plan your next move, the clouds will begin to part. And what you might find is that, all things considered, this may be the best time in history to be out of work over the age of 50.

“Are you nuts?”

Maybe. But think about it. Twenty years ago no one would even think about hiring you because – at best – they thought you wouldn’t work very long, or – at worst – they thought you wouldn’t even live very long. But it’s not 20 years ago.

Today people are working well past age 65. True, some continue to work because they have to. But many people are still working because they want to; because they are healthy enough to hold down a full time job.

But where do you look for that job? Not in the newspaper, that’s for sure. But non-profit organizations will welcome someone with your years of experience. Recruiters are telling us that very thing – the non-profit job market is very strong now.

Then again, with your varied work experience, you might be perfect for the temp – or, better yet, the temp-to-perm world. Temp to perm is great way to get your foot in the door; get paid while you’re doing it; gain added experience; secure referrals and recommendations.

Both options will do wonders for your self-esteem.

Even if the overall job market wasn’t as strong as it is today, this would still be a good time to be 50 and looking.


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