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Marketing 101

Finding a Job… Selling Beer — Kinda the Same There are those who believe (and I happen to agree with them) that a job search is essentially a marketing and sales process. In the marketing phase, you create your product - which happens to be yourself - dress it up, clean it up, make it look as good as it possibly can - and then sell it to a potential employer. That’s it in a nutshell.

When your selling process is successful, you’ve got yourself a job. To realize the full benefit of the process you probably should have some idea of what constitutes a sound marketing approach. This may be more difficult than it first appears. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly use the terms marketing and sales interchangably, but the two functions - although inter-related - are very different. Ideally, most of your marketing efforts should be completed before you venture out to begin selling. Your marketing program may not end there however. As you proceed through your selling efforts, you may find that you may need to modify your marketing plan. That’s not unusual. It happens all the time. In business, the overall goal is almost invariably to make money. In the job search, it’s simply to find – not just a job, but the job that you want; the job that provide for you financially and professionally. You want a job that you will find satisfying and fulfilling. With your goal in place, we turn our attention to the objectives, strategies and tactics. “Wait a minute. Shouldn’t the objective be to get a job?” Well, you’re close. MORE

Excerpt from: Land the Perfect Job In an Imperfect Market: Strategies to help break through the job search clutter


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