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More Older Workers Applying
for Entry Level Jobs

The survey found a disconnect between what level of positions employers are looking to fill compared to what level job seekers desire


older woman and laptop

The Best And Worst Times
To Search For A New Job

Not all times of the year are equal
when it comes to seeking out a new job

by Jack Kelly at

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These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

5 Ways To Avoid Job Search Scams

Tips to help you spot any red flags in a job posting

by Belen Chacon & Jenna Arcand at

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‘Because’ is Not the Right Answer
Don’t let someone else dictate how you feel

➔    Among the pieces of wise advice offered to older job seekers is to not try to hide your age. Put it out there and deal with it. That’s smart.

Old Asian Man

In a new Gallup poll, 22 percent of people surveyed worry that technology will make their job obsolete, up from 15 percent in 2021.

                                                           —   HRBrew

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