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Knowledge is Power

So much job search power right at your finger tips

➔ It’s never been easier to learn all about that company, or any company

Maybe you know some friends or colleagues who work at a familiar company. Maybe you’ve just admired that company from afar.

Now you’re seeking employment and you think how great it would be to work for that company. Better yet, maybe you’re fortunate enough to have landed an interview at that company.

Doing the deep dive

Regardless, you will want (or need) to learn everything you can about it. Fortunately, in this digital age, it’s never been easier to find out more than you’ve ever wanted to know about your target company – or any company for that matter.

Start with a simple Google search. There’s no telling what you might learn there. Chances are that you may find literally millions of hits relevant to the company. There’s more historical and topical information on Wikipedia. Easy enough. Want an insider’s view? Glassdoor allows you to read comments from current and former employees about what it’s like to work there – the culture, the management style, the employees, etc.

Keep in mind that you’ve done all this from the comfort of your home.

But wait! There’s more

In addition, there is a resource called Reference Solutions (formerly Reference USA) where you can go learn any number of things about the company. You may be able to access it from home, but worst case scenario, you may have to trek all the way to your neighborhood library to plug into it.

Then, of course, there is LinkedIn. Most companies of any stripe have a LinkedIn company page. Beyond that, you can search LinkedIn to see those employees of the company who are on LinkedIn. And, lo and behold, you may even find someone you know who can provide you with that ever-valuable foot in the door.

Item last: We haven’t even scratched the surface of what may be the biggest game changer of them all – artifical intelligence. AI can help you prepare your resume, write your cover letter and find out who knows what about that target company.

Your biggest challenge may be prioritizing all you’ve learned and remembering it all.

Armed with all this information, you may be able to target precisely the spot in that company where you might like to work. Or, you may learn enough to enable you to sail through your interview. Because, you know, knowledge is power.


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