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Seeing into the Future

Prepared job seekers have special powers

➔ You have the power — the power to peer into the future and predict what your own actions will be an hour from now, at the end of the day, tomorrow and maybe even next week and beyond.

If you don’t remember being struck by lightning, not to worry. No magical supernatural power has been bestowed upon you. But you may have had (or are about to have) an awakening.

The power to prepare

When you’ve prepared adequately for a job interview, before it even starts, you know what questions you want to ask; you’ve rehearsed what answers you want to give to certain questions. That’s a form of telling the future.

In addition, you should know going into that interview, what you’re going to do afterward. Send a thank you note (written and/or email) to the interviewer. Call next week or at some mutually agreed upon time to follow up. If the interview was the result of a relationship you have, you’ll want to send that person a thank note as well, in addition to reporting back as to how the interview went.

Even if it’s only an informational interview, you should have a follow-up plan. With the good notes you take during the meeting, you’ll be calling people, researching some companies, tweaking your resume, etc.

It’s like being able to tell the future!

If you go to a job fair, before setting foot inside the door, you should have a pretty good idea as to what you’re going to do afterward as well as what kinds of companies you’re seeking. With the contact information you collect, you’ll be sending thank you notes, making follow up calls, submitting resumes and/or applications, etc. In fact, you should know (in advance) that, the day after the job fair, a portion of your day will be spent doing just those things.

And if you’re on top of your job-search game, you will, in fact, be doing just those very things.

And you don’t need any special, supernatural, psychic power to do them. You simply need to have developed a strong commitment to – not just landing your next job, but a commitment to doing all the things that need to be done to land that next job.

No tea leaves required.

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