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Job Searches Can be Lonely

Job seekers can feel isolated – that’s the bad news

➔ If you’re out there job seeking, you know the feeling. Even when you’re over 50 and you have your family at home with you, it’s still a lonely time – maybe the most lonely time of your life.

You’re not really alone, or are you? According to HRBrew, the Surgeon General has even sounded the alarm about the loneliness epidemic – especially as it applies to the workforce.

Harness the good side

Yes, feeling lonely during your job search is the down side. But there is a good side. And it’s a good side that can, not only help with your loneliness, but can help your job search as well.

The cure for loneliness is people – specifically interacting with people. And, according to most experts, what’s the most effective and efficient way to find a job? Answer: networking. And what is networking? It’s interacting with people who might be in a position to help you land that next job.

You can network all day long and into the night. When you make phone calls to your various contacts, you’re verbally interacting. And, of course, in-person networking – through informational interviews, networking events (i.e. business after hours) and job group meetings – is the best networking of all.

Feeling all alone in your job search? Bad. Good? Reaching out to people in person or otherwise can help your loneliness and your job search all at the same time.

Funny how sometimes things just seem to work out.


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