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It Pays to be Flexible

Even in a job search, choices are good

➔ Amid the conflicting signs swirling around your job search, it’s easy to get confused and throw up your hands. Maybe a few minutes spent studying the situation will help alleviate some of that frustration. We’re glad to help.

There are two sides to every coin

In today’s job search, there are seemingly endless conflicts at every turn. Some experts say that with the advent of ATS (automated tracking systems) the cover letter has become extinct. “If they’re only going to scan your resume, you don’t need a cover letter.”

For some jobs that may be true. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t hurt to have a cover letter at the ready for those jobs and/or companies where it does make a difference. And there are still plenty of them around.

Don’t fret about drafting cover letters and creating resumes because theycan be prepared through AI (artificial intelligence.) That’s true. But don’t trust AI entirely. AI can give you a head start or point you in the right direction, but you had better proofread them very carefully before sharing them with a prospective employer.

There is also some debate about the two-page resume. While some disparage it, others say that if the story you need to tell takes two pages, do it. Many in the know recommend keeping both. An abridged version for those occasions when a one-pager is a must; and a more detailed two-pager for companies or interviewers who relish the additional information.

One page or two? The best answer is to have both and submit them where and when it’s most appropriate.

In this day and age, there is one area where most job-search experts agree – if you’re out there looking for a job, you need to be on LinkedIn. That’s one of the few areas where there seems to be some general agreement.

As the debates rage on throughout the hiring community, the savvy job seeker will do whatever it takes. Some say you don’t need a cover letter, have one anyway. While some may argue about whether the one or two-page resume is better, have both. You won’t be sorry.


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