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It All Begins With a Simple Form

Regardless of the changes, one tool stands alone

➔ Despite the onset of all the modern job seeking tools – including things like LinkedIn, applicant tracking systems (ATS), video interviews and the like – for you purists, there is one thing that maintains its place among critical job search tools. That’s the tried and true resume.

We have to admit that the resume itself has undergone some cosmic changes in its own right, but the essential resume remains as a staple of any job search.

But where do you begin?

How do you craft an effective resume that will land you your next interview? For starters, there are paid services – some costing as much as $300 – that promise a resume like no other. Some of these resume services are quite good. Others, not so good. As with anything else, caveat emptor – buyer beware. In addition, there are multiple books on the subject. There are also YouTube videos, webinars and other aides.

But if you just need a nudge in the right direction, maybe all you need is a template to get you going. And templates do abound. If you want to go the free route, check out our new Deals & Steals section which boasts an entire listing of free resume templates for the taking. If you’re really daring, you can trust your fate to Google. Just doing a simple Google search for “free resume templates” recently yielded 71 million hits.

Of course, once you’ve created your resume, there are more options. Get feedback from a resume professional, or simply ask colleagues or someone with whom you’ve just interviewed. You never know what you may find.


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