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Is Your Number Up?

Amid an ocean of digits, for job seekers, there is one number that could save the day

Although numbers have been around for millenia, never before have they been so ingrained in our everyday lives. PIN numbers. Phone numbers. Parts of passwords. Social security numbers. License plate numbers. House numbers, Now, we even name diseases after numbers (Covid-19.)

There is one number however that most job seekers already have but we wonder how many are taking full advantage of it. That’s the number on your library card. That’s a number that holds the key to a wealth of information that could be crucial to your job search.

Despite all the information that’s available at our fingertips through Google and other online sources; despite all the background information available on companies that is readily accessible from our homebound desktops, your neighborhood library still holds a treasure trove of numbers, data and resources not available anywhere else.

There is financial information and other company data; there is historical data on companies, markets, industries, etc. that is not accessible online. There is a mountain of information that is secured in library-licensed databases. While many of these databases can be accessed from your homes (by using your library card number,) there are others which are only available onsite at your local library.

As many Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, many libraries have begun to awaken from their pandemic-imposed slumbers and now open once again to the public. There may be some restrictions that remain in place. You should check with your local library to determine precisely what is available and what is still off limits.

Just as our 21st Century economy runs on data and information, so too does your job search. And much of that information is yours for the taking at your local library.

All you need is a library card number.


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