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What to do while you’re looking

We talked earlier about how looking for a job can be a full-time job, but most job seekers still have time on their hands. We noted that volunteering is an ideal way to spend that time – not just for the obvious community benefits, but the benefits volunteering can provide your job search.

We noted that, according to AARP, there are any number of things a job seeker can do while waiting to be hired.

One: Most everyone touts the benefits of networking to a job search. This Covid-social distancing world makes networking more difficult. But network we must. Now we need to be smarter about it. Using social media – especially LinkedIn – to cast a wider net of contacts is a good place to start. In addition to your new contacts, don’t forget to let your old – or should we say pre-existing – contacts know that you’re looking.

Two: Staying on top of the news can be helpful. Not only does it keep you engaged, but there is a lot to learn about the “new” workforce as well as happenings in your chosen industry or profession – or in new areas which you are targeting.

Three: If you need to generate income during your job search, working in temporary jobs can meet a number of needs. First and foremost, you’re getting paid. Second, you’re involved on a daily in real world work. You might also be learning new skills or enhancing old ones.

Of course, there is also another gigantic benefit to working as a temp. Proving your worth may just convince that temp employer that you’re valuable enough to keep you around beyond your temp period and that a regular, full-time position should be in the cards.

Despite the frustration of these troubling times, there is a lot you can be doing beyond the traditional job search activities.


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