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Grab That Remote

Working remotely can be a negotiating tool

When pursing another job, there are many points to emphasize and still more that can be used to create an allure, or that can be negotiated.

It used to be that being willing to travel and/or re-locate were points to stress as a way of separating yourself from the competition. Those points and a few others have been staples for decades and still carry some weight today.

In this digital, Covid-dominated world, there is now another situation that you can use to create a distinction between you and other applicants – the idea of working remotely. Being willing to work from home can be very enticing to some employers.

Then again, there is a by-product of the pandemic that most prognosticators didn’t see coming that involves working remotely.

With remote work rising, so are remote applicants. It’s no longer unheard of for an applicant in Cincinnati to apply for a position in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, or Phoenix with the selling point of working remotely. Depending on the job, or the industry, or the company the 21st Century – remote work can encompass either 100 percent of an employee’s time, or several days a week.

Who would’ve thought that the old Beatles song Here, There and Everywhere would one day be used to describe the workplace?


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