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Go With the Flow

Finding someone to trust can be a job in itself

➔ With all the new developments in the world of today’s job search, there is a avalanche of information – and opinions – as to what is the best approach to deal with it all. Whether it’s networking or interviewing, automated tracking systems or Zoom calls, there seems to be enough sounding boards to build a three-story house.

[For the record, our approach at Nifty50s always has been to present as much information as possible – no matter how divergent – and let you, the reader, make up your own mind.]

Separating the wheat from the chaff

Sifting and sorting, parsing and digesting, it’s no surprise if today’s job seekers feel like they being pulled in multiple directions at once. How is one to decide what’s right and what’s… ya know… that farmyard stuff.

Believe it or not, there is a way to make some sense of it all. For this solution we turn to… wait for it… Wall Street.

In a business that lives and dies on information, and selling their interpretations of that information, there are some nuggets of truth.

Not every stock analyst is right all the time. No stock analyst is wrong all the time. So, how best to decipher what will happen next? Look to the consensus.

While there are individuals who are predicting up markets while others are predicting down markets, listen to the consensus. The consensus is rarely wrong. If the general feeling of all analysts is an up market, the market usually goes up. And vice versa.

Opinions about a job search are no different. One sage may swear by one approach, while another expert espouses the opposite. But what is the group saying? Are most recruiters anticipating a boost in hiring? They’re probably right. On the other hand, if the group is forecasting that employers will be pulling in their hiring horns, there is a good chance that they will.

If you read a lot about the job market, you may have your favorite commentator(s) and it’s OK to follow them. Just keep in mind that there may be occasions when they’re wrong. If they are, the group will tell you so.


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