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Combining two job search tactics could be a winner

➔ Talk to any job-search expert and networking usually lands at or near the top of their to-do lists. Depending on with whom you speak, the numbers are typically staggering.

Even today, in the midst of all the changes confronting job seekers in the new job search world of the 21st Century, networking remains the gold standard. Now, however, the 21st Century has added a new wrinkle to the mix: LinkedIn.

Some recruiters claim to spending 90 percent of their time on LinkedIn. Why? If you’re looking to find someone, to make a professional connection, LinkedIn is what all the cool kids are doing these days.

The Reese’s Cup of job search

Remember those old commercials when they extolled the epiphany of combining peanut butter and chocolate? Well, networking and LinkedIn can be the job seekers blockbuster combo… and here’s a way to make it work to the maximum for you.

As you develop your list of companies to pursue, one typically scans LinkedIn to find anyone familiar with whom you can “connect” (first generation or second.) One of the LinkedIn no-no’s is to just reach out to someone without cause.

And how do you find a reason to contact that insider? Scan LinkedIn. In particular, look for groups or organizations to which that person belongs… and then join those groups yourself.

Now you have something in common with that individual and a reason to reach out for a connection which you may be able to nurture as an inroad into that company. “I see that you belong to the XYZ Professionals Group. So do I. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.”

It’s similar to the old sales technique: any excuse to get your foot in the door.


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