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Divide & Conquer

You are what you can do

➔ It’s not hard to see why it happens. There is so much in our work lives that is dictated by our job titles. But it doesn’t have to be that way – nor should it.

People work eight hours a day – one-third of their lives – and they, in effect, become their jobs. They identify themselves not so much with their positions, but by their titles. “I’m an accountant.” “I’m a shop foreman.” “I’m in sales.”

There’s so much more

In reality, you’re much more than that. Even when you look past the personal aspect – “I’m a spouse.” “I’m a parent.” “I’m a caregiver.” Even if you keep it strictly on a professional plane, you are much more than your job title.

Separating your past position from your personal skills and attributes is a significant concept in your job search and one not to be taken lightly.

You’re not just an accountant; you’re a detail, analytical person. You’re not just in sales; you know how to nurture and to close a deal. You’re not just in customer service; you know how to empathize, listen and how to respond to people’s needs.

You’re not just your job title. You’re an amazing combination of talents and attributes. And it’s those talents and attributes, and how you use them that you’re selling in your resume and during job interviews. And therein lies your true value to your next employer and it’s those talents and attributes that will separate you from the other candidates and ultimately land you your next position.

Your title/role & you – break the two apart.


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