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Older workers exhibit many desirable qualities

There are numerous advantages to hiring job seekers over age 50. Near the top of that list is punctuality.

Being on time is not something that anyone – much less hiring managers – can take for granted anymore. It used to be considered politeness. In the business world it was known as professional courtesy.

Just because the business world has been turned inside out by the Covid pandemic, it doesn’t mean that politeness and professional courtesy should be abandoned. The good news for most older applicants is that reliability of that sort is almost second nature. The same cannot be said for all generations.

You may wonder that with social distancing, and virtual interviews and meetings, and the like, these ideals may be difficult to put into practice. That’s where you’d be wrong.

Even online meetings should be confirmed – by email, text, or however the interviewer wishes to be contacted.

It’s also a good idea to be “technologically prepared.” This is especially true if you’ve been asked to use a system different from what you’re accustomed to. Although you might feel comfortable with Zoom, you may less confident about working with Microsoft Team or Google Meet, or one of the many others.

It’s beneficial to those sitting on either side of the desk (metaphorically, of course.) If you have never worked with the system in question, try logging in five minutes early. Make certain that you’re aware of mute buttons, screen shares, etc.

If the presumption is that older workers are generally more reliable, dependable and punctual, what better time to reinforce those stereotypes.

One last older worker preconception: they say that older workers tend to be more patient. With everyone – of all ages – experiencing a lot of stress and outside pressures, be patient. Just as you’re anxious about your job search, those with whom you come into contact are just as anxious about keeping their jobs.


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