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When you return to the business world, it may look very different

Just when you think that you’ve come to grips with change, it changes again.

You thought that you had a secure position. Then, suddenly, you wake up one morning and you’re out on the street. The problem isn’t just finding a new job, it’s learning how to look for a job all over again because the job-search world has been turned inside out over the past 20 years.

Just when you thought that you had a handle on that, this thing called Covid-19 rears its ugly head and everything changes again. In order to compete, you learn how to deal with this as well.

Now… if you’re one of those people who say that things come in “three’s,” this time you might be right.

You feel confident that after decades in the workplace, you have a pretty good handle on how the business world works. Maybe not.

Many experts are now saying that the post-Covid-19 business world might be very different from the one we left back in 2019.

According to McKinsey, even before the pandemic brought business transformation front and center, 80 percent of executives were concerned that their current business models were at risk of being disrupted. Add to that, 84 percent of executives reported that innovation is essential to their growth strategies.

That’s a lot business leaders seeing a business landscape that’s very different from the one you just left. Some refer to it as digital transformation which is “the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.”

In other words, the entire business world is about to change — significantly.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that everyone – working or not working, Millennial or Boomer, management or labor – everyone is in the same boat. It’s also true that while changes will vary across the board, everyone will have to deal with their own versions of it.

The really good news for the older job seeker is that you most likely you have faced change before – and dealt with it, successfully. That is a huge advantage.


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