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Are you a Fluke?

Despite all the planning, some job finds are just plain luck

You’ve probably heard ad nauseum about the importance of planning and execution in your job search. And if you haven’t done it in a while, job seeking can be a more daunting task than your last job.

Granted, there is an element of serendipity in the whole process. And according to, serendipity consists of “making desirable discoveries by accident.”

And yet we’ve all heard stories about accidents – people who fall over backwards into a job.

Our favorite is the woman who, while waiting for a friend at a coffee shop, eavesdropped on the two guys at the next table. When the one guy said something about how they needed someone to do (whatever), our friend interrupted and said, “I can do that.”

Long story, short – she got the job.

We have another friend who has several decades of experience in the business of finding people jobs. He says that finding a job is an accident. And it’s his job to create quality accidents.

Undoubtedly there are occasions where people “luck” into jobs following quality accidents. It does happen. The question is: do you want to trust your future to happenstance? You may be one of those lucky ones, but the wise job seeker preps and plans no matter what.


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