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A New Day

There is so much that’s different in today’s job market

Any older worker who has been paying attention knows all too well that today’s job market is vastly different from when you first entered it 30, or 40, or more years ago.

Back then the age discrimination that was the bane of your existence was that you were too young, too inexperienced, too green behind the ears. Now you’ve gone full circle with ageism again being a major concern, but the perspective is totally different.

Now you have that experience that locked you out of so many jobs back in the day. Unfortunately, while some employers place a high value on that experience, others do not.

What's important today? According to a group of recruiters we met with recently, while today’s hiring managers don’t dismiss experience and expertise, they also are looking for candidates who can fit into the organization’s culture. What’s more, they want employees with empathy, who have leadership skills and potential, and who excel at working with a team.

The good news is that most mature workers – partly acquired through their years of experience – have all those attributes. And because of their experience, more likely than not, they have those attributes in abundance.

Despite the obvious and overwhelming changes that have enveloped today’s workplace, there is still a place for the older, mature worker.


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