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You Say Potato, I Say…

Looking for a specific take on the job market? It’s there.

➔ If you’re looking for job seeking tips (and tricks) we here at Nifty50s have all sorts. It’s what we do. It’s our stock-in-trade.

What’s more, we diligently attempt to not screen out any particular points of view. Sometimes, we even run conflicting points of view. Our philosophy always has been to present both sides of an issue and let you, the job seeker, decide what will work best for you.

Is this a good time or bad time to be looking for a job?

We spend considerable time scouring online sources of information for the older job seeker. Not surprisingly we find opposing viewpoints. Let’s look at just one example.

Few people will disagree that the Covid pandemic upset the economy beyond most people’s comprehension. And the job market followed suite.

Today, the Covid cautions are subsiding, but with high inflation and supply-chain shortages, the economy looms as a huge question mark. Is there a recession imminent or not? How is the job market faring at this uncertain time? Good question.

When looking for information in today’s digital world, Google is often a good place to start. So, what do they say about the job market? According to a recent news posting, Google claims that job seekers and employers both say that it’s easier to find a job now since before the pandemic.

That sounds like good news. Or does it?

The website reported on a survey that found that job market difficulties continue in 2022 as employers fail to meet job-seekers’ expectations. That doesn’t sound good.

Is it a good job market or not? The simple answer is that if you’ve recently landed a job – or realistically about to – the job market is good. On the other hand, if you’re still actively looking, maybe the horizon isn’t so bright.

Back to our original point. There are two sides to every story, every point of view, every data analysis, every opinion. Before making any life-changing decisions, make certain that you’re armed with as much data and information as possible.


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