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Working the System

No matter how you slice it, a job search is a lot of work

Many people say that looking for a job is a job. We won’t argue that. But when one considers that a job is work, job seeking involves a great deal of work – on a variety of levels.

Networking, for example, is an integral part of any job search. Is successful networking a lot of work? You bet it is. The word “work” is even right in the middle of networking.

But there’s more

Before you begin looking for a job, it’s helpful to identify target companies to pursue. Determining just who those target companies is a lot of work, just as is digging up background information on those companies.

Once you’ve found your target companies, your chances of getting a foot in the door greatly increase when you know someone on the inside. Finding the right person, or finding someone you know at the company can involve hours of work.

That search for the right person will probably lead you LinkedIn. Finding the right person through LinkedIn is also work. Your own LinkedIn profile is work just as working the LinkedIn platform itself demands consistent, dedicated work.

Perhaps the most work of all involves working on your resume and making it match (or beat) the automated tracking systems (ATS). From the other side of the desk, the ATS saves employers a lot of work sifting through resumes and applications to develop a workable list of viable candidates.

In the end, job seeking is a tremendous amount of work. And, not suprisingly, typically the people who put in the most work find the best jobs and find them faster.


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