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Is your job search too important to go it alone?

➔ One of the most potent tools in the job seeker’s bag of tricks is working with a recruiter. Like all professional relationships, there are a lot of goods and bads. Here are just a few considerations to ensure that your relationship with your recruiter pays dividends.

Welcome to the team

Not surprisingly communication is key. It’s essential that your recruiter knows where you’ve submitted your credentials over the past few months. (The precise time duration will vary from recruiter to recruiter.) Likewise, as you proceed, it’s important for the recruiter to let you know where they’ve made inquiries on your behalf.

Sometimes, both parties will want to know the target organizations before contacting them. There may be history there which could affect the proceedings.

In the end, the more communication you have with your recruiter – in quality and in quantity – will be beneficial to you both. In addition to staying abreast of target organizations, a candidate may have to bare some warts as well. If there are any skeletons in your closet, you can spare the recruiter the ugly details, but you’re only hurting yourself by keeping those a secret. If you’re worried any disclosures, remember that most reputable recruiters will respect and maintain any confidentialities that you share with them.

Of course, the reverse is true as well. Be open regarding conditions that are important to you. In this respect, most people initially think salary. Of course, but if you’re looking for a particular kind of culture, industry, geography, etc., make that case as well.

Keep in mind that the recruiter is there to assist you in your job search. Armed with the best information about you, the recruiter will be able to – as one recruiter aptly stated – “go to bat for you and enable him to swing at the best pitches.”


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