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What’s Your Biggest Need?

Community colleges offer a wide range of helpful services

➔ All job seekers need some kind of help… regardless of your age.

The bad news is that when you’re out of work and money is tight, can you really afford to pay high-powered consultants to help you get your job search self in order? Let’s face it. Some job services can get pretty pricey.

We’re not talking jobs boards

There is a plethora of help in the way of job postings, etc. on the various online jobs boards. That’s not what we’re talking about.

If you haven’t looked for a job in decades, you may require help with some of the most basic job search needs. Here’s the silver lining. Much of that help is readily available and much of it is free or very affordable.

Where? How? Your local community college offers classes (live and online), support groups, panels, webinars, covering all sorts of job search skills. Resumes and cover letters are a popular choice among older job seekers. Likewise with interviewing skills.

In addition there are many online resources such as databases which contain mountains of valuable information about companies that you could contact, and more detailed information about companies with which you may be interviewing.

Many community colleges have their own jobs boards where local employers can post openings. Some even conduct their own job fairs for local employers.

Some institutions even offer one-on-one job coaching.

It’s all there for the taking… and much of it is offered at no charge. So why not take it?


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