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Knowing recent news about a company shows you’re interested

You’ve probably often been told to do your homework on any prospective employer with whom you’re about to interview. That’s good advice.

The good news is that, in most cases, there is a plethora of information available about companies. Websites (including the company’s own site,) sites such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn as well as internet searches in general – they all can provide more about that company than you could ever hope for.

While that’s all well and good, one sure way to impress an interviewer is to raise a topic of recent interest to the company. New products, financial results, changes in top management, etc. are the types of “news” that will demonstrate to your interviewer that you have gone above and beyond the standard facts & figures found on a company website.

With a little bit of extra effort, you may stumble upon an interview or investigation into the company that may, or may not, be especially flattering. If it is bad news, seeing how the interviewer reacts may tell you a lot about the company – something you definitely won’t find online.

Much of this information can be uncovered by a simple internet search. In addition to the information, you’ll be able to see those media which are following the company and what they’re saying about it as well.

Another source of company news – chapter and verse – is available from the company’s own news releases. While some companies post recent news on their websites, others do not. Other good sources are the news distribution services such as BusinessWire and PRNewswire. They post the complete text of the company’s news releases.

If you want to demonstrate to your interviewer that you took the time and made the effort to learn as much as you can about them, they can’t help but be impressed.


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