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Job seekers have a tough row to hoe in 2021

On the one hand there is a lot of good news in the job market. By most estimates, there are a lot of jobs available and a lot people are getting hired.

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily always the case for the older job seeker.

Yet, the UN not long ago released a report that claimed that, globally – first time in history, there are more people worldwide over the age of 50 than below. That should be good news. And for some people it is. For others, they’re still waiting for their ships to come in.

“People who need people”

We hear a lot these days about the supply chain and how the Covid pandemic has resulted in some serious supply chain issues. How serious? According to, supply chain shortages of metal and glass may disrupt the nation’s beer supply later this year. That’s pretty serious.

But just like metal and glass – as well as numerous other raw materials – human talent also is an important component of the supply chain. No matter how much new technology and innovation come down the pike, employers still need that important raw material – people.

And suds or not, job searches will continue. Some with stellar results. Some with rejection heaped upon rejection, only to be drowned in frustration.

And it changes everyday. One day you get what seems like a really promising lead only to find out that the post has already been filled, or that the employer is looking for something specific which you don’t have. Maybe the observer who noted that a job search is like a roller coaster was right. Ups and downs interrupted by sharp and dangerous curves.

Just like on a roller coaster, job seekers sometimes simply want to raise their arms and just scream.

Believe it or not, the good news is that older job seekers have a lot to offer. Experience. Expertise. Reliability. Stability. Etc. Etc.

And we can adapt to most any situation, any challenge. In fact, you can say that older workers are adept at adapting.


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