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What Could Be Worse?

Job seeking as a mature worker isn’t fun, but then again…

Are we having fun yet? OK. Probably not.

Regardless of your age, job seeking is never fun. It may not be the lodestone some make it out to be, but it’s never fun. And for the 50+ job seeker, there are bricks to carry that younger applicants don’t have to concern themselves about.

One job seeker noted that a job search after age 50 is like dating after a divorce. You just got divorced and now you’re out there dating again. Similar to job seeking, it’s the fear of the unknown that unnerves individuals in both or either scenarios. In the end, you’re facing a challenge that you haven’t faced in years, if not decades. It can be scary. It can be intimidating.

It can be tough to maintain your steadfastness, your dedication and your focus. Although networking is generally considered to be the most effective job search tool, many older job seekers find it overwhelming.

Sometimes it helps to look at things a little more closely. The other day we talked about rejection and how it’s a significant part of every job search. Regardless of how many times you’ve been rejected, you only need to find ONE job… and you’re done.

The same can be said of networking. What are you afraid of? Rejection? Sure you’re going to be rejected by some. But as you approach someone to help you in your job search, what’s the worst that can happen? They’ll say, “No.” Is that so awful? Will you live to fight another day with that “no” hanging over your head?

We heard one 50+ job seeker the other day refer to his job search, “Nothing is that difficult. Just go and do it.” Regardless of what brand of sports apparel you wear, just go out and do it.


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