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What Are You Worth?

Does that interviewer know that you are the best choice?

You’re in an interview. You want to impress the interviewer(s) with your experience, your credentials, etc. So far, so good.

From the perspective of the interviewers, if you didn’t have enough experience and sufficient credentials, you wouldn’t have gotten this far. At this point, how do you impress them? How do you convince them that you should be number one on their list?

There are a lot of ways to impress potential employers – many of which we’ve discussed in this space from time to time including performance metrics (i.e. increased profitability, market penetration, etc.) as well as your personal stories (i.e. how you tackled a problem, how you resolved an issue, etc.)

Which leads us to: how do you convince them that you should be number one on their list? Here it’s important to put yourself in their shoes. What’s important to them?

In theory, they want the best candidate for the job. That sort of goes without saying. But is that the complete picture?

Most hiring professionals – if they’re honest – will admit that more important than proactively hiring the top candidate, the one thing that they fear the most is — hiring the wrong candidate. Not only will hiring the wrong candidate reflect badly on them, it’s going to cost the employer money – and a lot of it.

According to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, three in four employers have been affected by bad hires in the past, losing an average of $15,000 per bad hire. And that’s the average. The higher up in the organization that bad hire lands, the more money it’s going to cost the employer.

You see, it’s really important for you, the job seeker, in addition to all the wonderful things you do, to convince them that you will be the right hire. You will be stable, reliable, dependable, etc. etc. All the things that go into being the right hire.


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