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Up Front and Personal

Speed is of the essence. You need to appreciate that.

Most everyone is fully aware of how fast-paced today’s business world is – and it’s getting faster all the tim


So what makes you think that the people whom you are approaching for a job are moving any slower? They’re moving just as fast as the world around them – if not faster. And you need to take that into consideration in all your dealings with them.

And that starts with your cover letter and/or resume. A recent study from revealed that recruiters spend about seven seconds on any given resume. Even if they like what they see, they will set it aside in their “keepers” pile and move on to the next one.

Let’s face it. Even in this tight labor market, they will probably get dozens of cover letters or resumes to review. If you’re going to get their attention and make it past the first cut, you absolutely need to grab their attention as quickly as possible.

Be quick. Be concise. Be precise.

Tell them right away. In the opening sentence tell them why you’re right for this position. Demonstrate why you are the right candidate. Convince them how you can benefit the organization. Don’t make them figure it out.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that we said to tell them why you’re right for this position. This position indicates that you can’t send a standard, or stock cover letter – or resume. Your first contact with that employer needs to be unique to the position you are pursuing.

I can do this job. I bring this to the table. Here’s how I can help you. Here’s how I can benefit your organization.

This is not a time to be shy or humble. Your introduction needs to deliver a wallop like a baseball bat. Hit ‘em. And hit ‘em hard with your best shot.

Even in a modern day, ever-changing world, sometimes it’s OK to be old fashioned. Old fashioned in the sense that it’s OK to deliver your cover letter or resume as a Word document, a text file, or as a pdf.

From your opening statement to the format in which your statement is delivered, it’s all about making it easy and impactful for the person giving you your first look.


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