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Turnaround Time

All the things that you’ve heard about the challenges associated with job seeking over the age of 50 are true. Job seeking is never easy – or fun – but past a certain age, it can become a most burdensome task.

That being the case, there is a tantalizing temptation to jump at the first job offer that comes along. As tempting as that may be, you need to scrutinize all job offers to be certain that the job you accept is one that you’re likely to be in for a long, long time.

Consider this: some recent recruiting studies have shown that the average executive job seeker is back out on the job market in 2.67 years. But that’s old news. The most recent data – within the past few months – shows that that number has dropped to around 18 months.

If you think that your job search is hell now, just stop and think about what it might be like having to repeat the process a year and a half from now.

As we said, the temptation to snap up the first job offer that comes your way can be dangerously enticing. We have personally encountered more than a few 50+ job seekers who have been forced back into the job market in 18-24-36 months on successive occasions. Over a 5-8 year period, they’ve spent more time looking for employment than they’ve spent actually working.

On the other hand, if you’re patient and discerning, you may just land your last job. But it takes work – work to study the company; work to weigh the offer; work to soul search if this is the right position, in the right environment, at the right compensation for you.

One of the hardest things to learn as a child and – as you’ve probably experienced – one of the hardest things to impress upon your own children as a parent is the concept of “I can wait.”

Do your soul searching now. Figure out what’s important to you. Determine what you might be willing to compromise on. Then you’ll be able to better deal with any offers that may come your way and you’ll be more confident in those decisions that you make.


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