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Trust Yourself

Believe in you even if no one else does

➔ There are so many negative memes surrounding older workers that they’re hard to count and keep track of. Can’t use technology. Can’t take direction or supervision from younger staff. Can’t stay healthy. Can’t be counted on to stay with the employer/will retire soon.

Of course, this can all be bundled together in the giant beach ball of ageism which, of course, can lead to age discrimination. But that’s not our topic of the day.

Confidence is contagious

It’s one thing for other people to have their doubts about you and quite another thing for you to take that upon yourself. Don’t believe those who say we have no value.

You know what you can do. You know what you’re good at. Throughout the job search process, as you encounter these non-believers, it’s up to arm yourself with all the things about which you excel.

You must do whatever it takes to dispel those negative arguments and prejudices – by whatever means necessary. If it’s statistics, do your homework and get the data down pat. If it’s by “story time,” get your facts together and your story straight. And rehearse. And then rehearse some more.

You can do this. And the proof of the pudding is that you’ve done it before. That’s your sales pitch. Pitch it hard and fast.

Exercise your belief system.


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