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Trial by Ordeal

We know job interviews are tests, but really…

➔ It’s expected that job interviews are a kind of test. The employer is testing whether or not you can show up on time, whether you will be dressed appropriately, whether you will exhibit some degree of professionalism, etc., etc.

There are some employers who take this concept to another level. How you, the candidate, responds may determine whether or not you get the job offer.

Minding your Ps & Qs

An age-old ploy used by some interviewers is to open the conversation with some comment purposely inserted to see how the applicant will respond. Your interview may “tease” you with some inappropriate language simply to gauge your response (facial as well as verbal).

We recently heard of a situation where the interviewer made the applicant wait in the outer office for 45 minutes just to see how he would respond. The applicant was even asked to wait in an area where there were closed-circuit cameras so that the interviewer could sit and watch the applicant and how responded to being made to wait.

One of the classic “tests” is to ask the applicant if she would like a cup of coffee. How the applicant responds supposedly indicates whether or not the candidate is a team player; it also tests table manners including judging the candidate on where to place the cup. The bonus question is what does the candidate do with the cup when the interview ends. (Hint: ask where you can go to rinse out the cup clean enough for the next person.)

And you thought that they wanted to discuss your job qualifications.


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