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Tis the Season

The holidays are approaching and it presents an ideal opportunity to assess and re-assess your job search. We ran this item at this time last year and, since it still applies despite the current strong job market, we thought that it might be worthwhile to offer it again. — ed

There are those who claim that the holiday season is the absolute worst time to search for a job. Conversely, there are those who claim that the holiday season is one of the best times to go job hunting.

The rationales for both points of view are many and varied.

For now, let’s look at just one aspect of the job search and how this time of year is perfect for someone who is job seeking.

We’ve expounded at length on the benefits of networking. It’s a widespread opinion that networking is one of most effective and efficient ways to job search. What does this have to do with the holidays and their effect on your job search? Think about the calendar.

At this time of year, many professional societies host their various holiday gatherings. This is the perfect opportunity for you to mix and mingle with like-minded people in your industry or your profession.

Think of it! You’re in a room full of people with whom you have something in common (professionally). Could you have planned this better yourself? Also these are people who represent a variety of companies or organizations. It’s as close to a captive audience as you’re likely to find. It’s a job seekers dream come true.

All that and we haven’t even taken into consideration that everyone there will most likely be in a pretty good mood – which means they’ll be willing to talk and to be very open about what they know is going on jobwise. It’s a perfect time to be a good listener.

Not to mention that, because of the holidays, it’s quite possible that many of these people will have some time on their hands between now and the first week in January. That means that they may be willing to meet with you for an informational interview, or whatever!


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