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Times Have Changed

Perceptions of those out of work are very different today

It doesn’t seem like all that terribly long ago that our economy was in deep trouble are we were experiencing double-digit unemployment rates. Today the economy is doing well. Many manufacturers are producing at capacity and the labor market is near the saturation point.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, for the first time since they’ve been keeping these records (more than two decades), there are more job openings today than there are people out of work to fill them. That should be great news for anyone looking for a job today. And it is.

As they say on those frenetic television ads: But wait! There’s more!

Back in those dark, old days, job seekers who had been laid off, downsized, let go or, – place your favorite description of losing your job here – were treated as if they were pariahs. The very fact that you were in that state was enough for some hiring managers to reject you.

But, that was then. Today people who are out of work or in outplacement programs are being sought after. They are desired. There is such a demand for workers in today’s economy, that candidates who were separated from their previous employers – for almost any reason – are being welcomed with open arms in HR departments all over the country.

While some experts marvel at the change of events and others lament any possible deeper meaning, for you, the job seeker, happy days are here again. No matter what struggles you may be experiencing in your job search, if current conditions are any indication, you should be able to land something in the very near future.

One last bit of good news, a recruiter friend recently said that, after a relatively slow February, job orders have picked back up again in March and appear to be strong for the next several months. For at least the next few months, the job picture appears to be bright for today’s job seeker.


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