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This Time it’s Personal

Your job search is an excellent time to get caught up on the latest technology

If your job search is starting to drag on, or if it’s been a while since you’ve been active in the job market, it wouldn’t be unusual for you to have fallen behind on the latest in technology.

We’re certain that you’ve heard a lot about getting up to speed, or trying to maintain your mastery of certain basic computer programs such as Microsoft Word, or Excel – or maybe something a little more specific such as QuickBooks. Then there’s always the latest from Google and Apple,

And that’s all well and good, and courses from introductory to refresher are readily available if you spend a minimum amount of time looking at libraries, community colleges, etc. Better yet, many of these sessions are free. In addition, there is a plethora of online tutorials – many available through YouTube.

And, while in job search mode, you can spend additional time doing your homework without interference.

There’s another classification of computer software that many people overlook but may be very helpful to you while you’re job searching. In addition these may be very impressive while interviewing or networking; and, will probably help you even after you land a new position. These are the all too numerous personal productivity apps and software, and browser extensions.

This genre runs the gambit from scheduling; to templates for resumes as well as introductory emails and cover letters; to more efficient use of email; to software to make your computer run better. There also are note-taking programs, extensions that will enable you to save interesting web articles for later consumption, and much more.

While these programs and extensions, and their related tutorials can run into the thousands, there are a few that stand out. DottoTech, TechGumbo and Simpletivity are at the top of our list for being informative and for covering the breadth and depth of what’s out there. But there are more. It’s simply a question of settling on one (or more) that you feel comfortable with.

In the end, there is no excuse for not boning up. You’ve got extra time, most of these are readily available and most are free.


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