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The Week Ahead

The emphasis is on ‘week’ not ‘weak’

➔ You may have heard “Plan your work, and work your plan.” You may have heard that or a hundred other such similar phrases. And there’s a lot to that.

Most business people understand the importance of having a plan and sticking to it. It comes with the territory – or, in this case, it comes with the job. And if it comes with the job, wouldn’t it stand to reason that it would come with the job search as well.

You should be old enough to know better

You’ve been around the block a few times. If you haven’t looked for jobs at other times in your life, you’ve been in the business world for a few decades. As such, by now you should know the game(s) and how they’re played.

It’s Monday morning. What better time to plan your week? Do you have any interviews scheduled? Are those interviews or are any other commitments that you need to work around? To whom did you commit to phoning this week? When do you have to be out of the house and when can you function just as well working from home?

This isn’t rocket surgery – or even rocket science or brain surgery.

It’s more than common sense. It’s being practical. If you’re meeting someone on Wednesday that means you have to spend some time on Tuesday polishing your resume. If you have an interview on Thursday, no later than Wednesday you may have to hit the library to research that company. And is there a library close to your Wednesday appointment (see above) where you can conveniently hit both?

The end result is that you’ll meet all your commitments – which reflects favorably on you in the eyes of any employer. And you’ll make the best use of your time without stress or consternation.


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